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Art of Aquascaping

Dive into our extensive range of aquascaping materials, handpicked for quality and uniqueness. Whether online or in-store, Topick Aquarium is your haven for creating underwater masterpieces.

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We only sell products that we use, we know, and we recommend. Trust Topick Aquarium and we can provide the most professional advice to you

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Each offering at Topick Aquarium reflects our love for the aquatic world. Beyond sales, we share our passion with every enthusiast. Dive in and see the difference.

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About us

At Topick Aquarium, our passion for the aquatic world runs deep. Rooted in over 35 years of combined expertise, we're not merely a store but a sanctuary for fellow enthusiasts. Our commitment to the craft translates into a curated collection of interesting species and aquascaping treasures. Discover the heart and soul of Topick Aquarium, experience excellence.

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  • Topick’s gold - standard quarantine and inspection
    August 13, 2023

    Topick's Gold-Standard Quarantine and Inspection for Livestocks

    Topick Aquarium's Gold-Standard Quarantine and Inspection for Livestocks At Topick Aquarium, every decision is data-driven, grounded in decades of collective experience. Dive deep into our unparalleled commitments and industry-leading practices. Table of Contents: Optimum Health Before Sale One Tank, One...

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  • About bucephalandra which the seller never tells
    August 13, 2023

    About Bucephalandra, which the Seller Never Tells You About

    Table of Contents What is Bucephalandra? What Separates Bucephalandra Species? Bucephalandra General Care What are the Commonly Seen Bucephalandra? Why is Collector's Bucephalandra Expensive? Comparing Potted, Tissue Culture and Submersed Bucephalandra Potted Farm Products Tissue Cultures Submersed Products Myths and...

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  • Crystal shrimp tank setup guide
    August 13, 2023

    Crystal Shrimp Tank Setup Guide

    Table of Contents Preparation Setting Up the Tank After the Setup Water Change Rationale Notes Conclusion (This article contains many GIFs results the loading will be slower, thank you for your patience) In this article we will be sharing our...

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