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Bucephalandra sp. 'Elephant Jade'[Submersed]

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$44.99 - $119.99
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Size: 1 portion (5+ leaves)

Bucephalandra sp. Elephant Jade [Submersed]

Bucephalandra sp. Elephant Jade is a must-get variety for most bucephalandra  hobbyists. The features of the Elephant Jade are their petite round leaf shape. Their color is not as strikingly red or purple as some collectors types, however what they lack in colour, they make up for in their unique shape while also being suitable as foreground plant.
Growth pattern is fairly short and compact. Offering a desirable bush like appearance, with use in both collections and aqua scaping for high tech aquariums.

DON'T be disappointed if this item is Sold Out, the availability of each submersed bucephalandra is very limited in each shipment due to its specialty. In this situation, we encourage our customers to click NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE to avoid missing the restock.


  • This product is fully submersed and has the minimum risks of melting, curling, and dying. The biggest risk always comes from an unstable water system during the new tank setup.
  • Each purchased portion comes with a planting fork, you can apply it to attach the bucephalandra on top of the aqua soil, please make sure all the roots are inside the soil. Do not bury the rhizome directly.
  • Attaching bucephalandra to hardscape is less preferred but you can still maintain their beautiful colors with proper dosage of fertilizers.
  • For more information about its care, please go to the Care Guide page.

    Family Name: Araceae

    Scientific Name: Bucephalandra

    Leaf size: Small 

    pH: 6-8, optimal 6.5 to 7.5

    Care: Easy

    Difficulty to color: Medium.

    Light: Low to High, optimal High

    Co2: Needed

    Growth rate: Slow