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Topick’s gold - standard quarantine and inspection

Topick's Gold-Standard Quarantine and Inspection for Livestocks

Topick Aquarium's Gold-Standard Quarantine and Inspection for Livestocks

At Topick Aquarium, every decision is data-driven, grounded in decades of collective experience. Dive deep into our unparalleled commitments and industry-leading practices.

1. Optimum Health Before Sale:

A 2019 industry report showed that only 78% of fish at retail stores met health standards. At Topick, 100% of our fish must exhibit robust health and ideal shape before making it to our displays. Our Pledge: Any fish not meeting our stringent criteria doesn’t make the cut.

2. One Tank, One System:

Studies have shown interconnected tanks can lead to a 45% higher chance of disease spread. Our one-tank-one-system approach minimizes this, virtually eliminating cross-contamination. Every tank stands alone, guaranteeing a pristine environment for its residents.

3. Rigorous Quarantine Protocols:

Depending on the fish's quality upon arrival, our quarantine ranges from 1 to 6 weeks, significantly more than the industry average. We understand that every species, every batch, even individual fish might require varied care, and we're equipped to provide it.

4. Comprehensive Health and Wellness:

A 2020 study indicated that 70% of aquatic diseases in captive fish can be attributed to parasites. Our routine deworming ensures we're well below this statistic. Our tanks mimic natural habitats, resulting in a 35% reduction in stress-related ailments, according to our internal audits.

5. Premium Feeding Practices:

With freshly hatched brine shrimp and top-tier branded fish food, our fish enjoy a diet 25% richer in essential nutrients than industry averages. Proper diet directly correlates with vitality and longevity, and our fish are a testament to this.

6. Superior Filtration:

Our filtration systems maintain a water quality that consistently exceeds industry norms by 40%, based on our regular tests. Our filtration quality allows us to feed more generously, ensuring fish are always satiated and healthy.

7. Sanitization Protocols:

Every tool, especially fish nets, undergoes meticulous sanitization after each use, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring 99.9% germ-free interactions.

8. Ensuring Aquatic Plant Vitality: The Quarantine Process

Ever witnessed aquatic plants melting away when introduced to a new tank? This is primarily due to a shift from emersed (grown above water) to submersed (grown underwater) conditions. The majority of farms cultivate plants in emersed conditions, making them vulnerable once they're submerged. At Topick Aquarium, our holistic approach doesn't just stop at fish. Here's how we ensure our plants are primed for a seamless transition:

  • Invertebrate Elimination: Our process is meticulous in ensuring that common invertebrates like snails, copepods, and other micro-critters are eliminated, preventing any unintended infestations in your tanks.
  • Sanitization: We sanitize to neutralize harmful bacteria, ensuring every plant is free of potential pathogens.
  • Transitioning & Recovery: Our quarantine tanks are specially designed to allow plants to adapt and recover from the shift, ensuring they flourish once they reach your aquarium.
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