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Guppy Japan Red

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Guppy Japan Red (Poecilia reticulata)


The Guppy Japan Red is a spectacular variant of the classic guppy, celebrated for its brilliant crimson hue accentuated by glimmers of gold. Hailing from selective Japanese breeding programs, this guppy variant embodies both vibrancy and elegance, making it a dazzling addition to any freshwater aquarium setup.


  • Dazzling red coloration with hints of gold
  • Result of meticulous Japanese breeding techniques
  • Dynamic and lively swimmers
  • Hardy nature and adaptive to various water conditions

How to Keep:

Japan Red Guppies are relatively easy to care for, requiring a balanced diet of flakes, live, and frozen foods. While they can adapt to a variety of water conditions, maintaining clean water through regular changes is essential. They are prolific breeders, and when keeping both males and females together, one should be prepared for regular batches of fry.


  • Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata
  • Temperature: 22 - 28 °C
  • pH Level: 6.5 - 7.8
  • TDS: 100-300 ppm
  • GH: 8-12
  • KH: 5-10
  • Lifespan: 2-3 years
  • Size: 4-6 cm
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Behavior: Peaceful, Active
  • Breeding: Livebearer