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Small Driftwood Pieces

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Original price
$49.99 - $99.99
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Acid Washed 10-15cm (5lbs): 15-20cm (2lbs) (5-8pcs)


Small Driftwood Pieces are ideal for nano tanks,  or which is used to attach plants like Anubias, Bucephalandra, and Moss.

We guarantee the legit of the driftwood that is Absolutely NOT Natural Dried Woods.

Driftwoods are:

* Sinkable, but some may take days or up to 2 weeks. 

* Possible yellow water. Depending on each piece, some may last for weeks while some for months. However, yellow water does no harm or is even beneficial to the fish and plants.

* No one can guarantee their driftwood won't yellow water unless they are not real driftwoods, or pre-owned.


Please Note:

*We may add small pieces to achieve the total weights with the portion of max 10%

*We have no guarantee on how many total pieces of Driftwoods are in a single box as each rock is different

*You are welcome to leave us a note on the checkout page for your preference of size (such as all average sizes, or a few large ones + small ones)

*If you also buying Iive pets from us please place a separate order, we recommend using Canada Post for these heavy items, but for pets must use FedEx