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Pure Red Line (PRL) Shrimp - SSS

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Size: Adult

Pure Red Line (PRL) Shrimp - SSS Grade


Belonging to the superior Grade SSS, the Pure Red Line Shrimp showcases a remarkable stability of over 95% SSS grade in its offsprings. Ideal for seasoned breeders keen on selective breeding, this strain is consistent in grade and is imbued with the giant gene, projecting ultra-bright Red/White colors. Rare appearances of Thick-shell & Red-craw can also be anticipated within this lineage.

This meticulously bred variant of the Crystal Red Shrimp has never been interbred with golden bee shrimp, ensuring no golden bee progenies. With enhanced color vibrancy in both red and white shades and a robust shell, this shrimp stands out in its genus.


  • Ultra-bright Red/White hues
  • High stability in SSS grade
  • Potential for Thick-shell & Red-craw variants
  • Direct importation from Taiwan

How to Keep:

Being a Caridina species, the PRL Shrimp thrives best in soft, acidic waters. Utilize remineralized RO water combined with aqua soil substrate for optimal conditions. Additionally, incorporate sponge filters, driftwood, almond leaves, and high-quality shrimp feed for holistic care and enhanced coloration.


  • Scientific Name: Caridina cf. cantonensis
  • Temperature: 18 - 27 °C
  • pH Level: 5.8 - 7.2 (Optimal: 6.5 – 6.8)
  • TDS: 90-130 ppm (Our Tank: 100ppm)
  • GH: 3-6
  • KH: 0-1
  • Lifespan: ~2 years
  • Size: 2.5 - 3 cm
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Breeding: Simplified with remineralized RO water
  • Gestation Period: 28 - 32 Days
  • Care Level: Very Easy


For rare or top-grade shrimps, feel free to contact us for direct orders from Taiwan.