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Pseudomugil Gertrudae Aru

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Pseudomugil Gertrudae Aru (Aru II Spotted Blue-eye)


The Pseudomugil Gertrudae Aru, commonly recognized as the Aru II Spotted Blue-eye, is a dazzling freshwater species with its distinctive blue eyes and ornate fin patterns. Originating from the Aru Islands in Indonesia, these delicate fishes are a visual treat with their spotted fins and agile movements. They serve as an enchanting addition to any nano or community aquarium with their shimmering hues and playful nature.


  • Iconic blue eyes complemented by intricately spotted fins
  • Females exhibit subtle hues, while males boast pronounced coloration
  • Sociable and active, making them a pleasure to watch
  • Peaceful temperament, coexisting harmoniously with other species
  • Thrives when kept in groups, amplifying their natural behaviors

How to Keep:

Aru II Spotted Blue-eye prefers soft, slightly acidic water conditions. It's advisable to set up a well-planted tank with ample hideouts, mimicking their natural shaded stream environments. Dim or dappled lighting, coupled with gentle currents, offers a comfortable habitat for these beauties. To truly appreciate their display and encourage natural schooling, keep them in groups of 6 or more.


  • Scientific Name: Pseudomugil gertrudae
  • Temperature: 22 - 28 °C
  • pH Level: 5.5 - 7.2
  • TDS: 50-150 ppm
  • GH: 5-12
  • KH: 1-5
  • Lifespan: 3-5 years
  • Size: 2.5-3.5 cm
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Behavior: Peaceful
  • Breeding: Moderate