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Netlea Base Fertilizer 500ml

by Netlea
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Netlea Base Fertilizer.
Inside the Base Fertilizer contains a mixture of iron, clay, acids, manganese, boron, calcium, and other less water soluble minerals.
Add 1 cm thickness of regular netlea aquasoil, then use 500ml of volume of Netlea Base fertilizer (whole container) for a total water volume of 180L (47.551 US Gallon).
common Canadian sized tanks are as listed :
- 5 gallon = 18.9L  must use 52.5ml of Netlea Base fertlizer required

- 10 gallon = 37.85L must use 106ml of Netlea Base fertilizer required
- 20 gallon = 75.71L must use 210ml of Netlea Base fertilizer required.

Total thickness of base fertilizer added is not too much of a concern, as long as the total volume of required base fertilizer is added in conjunction wit