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Netlea Aquarium Soil (New Upgraded Formula)

by Netlea
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Size: 3L (1 x 3L bag)

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Netlea Aquarium Soil Black Brown Soil is the newest version of Netlea Aquarium Soil with an upgraded formula. 
Netlea aquarium soil is designed with the use of soften water. 
also contains types of ascorbic acids which are used in turn to buffer the water constantly. This will result in a stable ph over time and also help in controlling the preferred ph of 6-7. 
Also keep in mind, this soil is used in part to constantly bind to the available calcium and manganese (absorbs GH minerals). This soil can be used with with caridina species, however you will have to be mindful to re-buffer your R.O water with the correct salts (salty shrimp, Gh booster, etc)  to maintain a healthy system (for caridina species specifically). 
If used to set up a new tank, it is best to be used in pair with Netlea Base Fertilizer.
Inside the Base Fertilizer contains a mixture of iron, clay, acids, manganese, boron, calcium, and other less water soluble minerals.
This is the opposite of what is normally followed when it comes to having a high tech planted tank, which primarily focuses on soil substrate medium + EI ( Estimative index) liquid dosing only.
while possible to do both, however you will need previous experience when adding everything.

With Netlea Aquarium soil + Base fertilizer when used in correct amounts, you can get away with minimal addition of your liquid fertilizers. Only needing to add NPK solution (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium based) when you start planting newly grown stems or for after trimming to regrow the roots for your stem trimmings.

1cm of Netlea soil = 4.05Litre of soil in a 90cmx 45cm footprint ( 36"x18") 48Gallon
1cm of Netlea soil = 2.4Litre of soil in a 60cmx40cm footprint (24"x16") 
90cmx45cm foot print recommended 16.2L of soil 
60cmx40cm foot print recommended 9.6L of soil
Formula used to figure out volume needed is: (S * L * W)/1000ml
S = Substrate height
L = Length of tank
W = Width of tank or "depth" of tank