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L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco

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Size: Small ~3-4cm

L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco (Panaqolus sp. L397)


Belonging to the genus Panaqolus, the L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco is distinguished by its captivating pattern and coloration, making it a highly sought-after species within the aquarist community. Originating from the waters near Alenquer along the Amazon River in Brazil, this species exhibits a remarkable adaptability to various aquatic environments, underscored by its striking appearance characterized by a base color of light to deep orange adorned with dark, transversal stripes, reminiscent of a tiger's patterning.

Salient Features:

  • Exhibits a distinctive patterning, with hues ranging from light to dark orange, contrasted by pronounced dark stripes.
  • Achieves a moderate size in captivity, typically reaching lengths of up to 6 inches, necessitating spacious aquarium conditions.
  • Employs a predominantly lignivorous diet in its natural habitat, necessitating the inclusion of driftwood and vegetable matter within its captive diet.
  • Demonstrates territorial tendencies, particularly in the presence of conspecifics, suggesting the need for adequate space and environmental enrichment.

Care Instructions:

  • Recommended Aquarium Size: A minimum of 50 gallons to accommodate their growth and territorial behavior, with a preference for a setup enriched with hiding places and driftwood.
  • Water Parameters: Optimal pH levels range from 6.5 to 7.5, with water hardness maintained at soft to moderately hard to mimic their natural Amazonian habitat.
  • Temperature: Maintain a stable temperature range between 26-30°C (79-86°F) to support their health and well-being.
  • Nutritional Requirements: A diet incorporating high-quality plant-based foods and occasional protein sources, tailored to their lignivorous feeding habits.
  • Compatibility: While generally peaceful towards non-conspecifics, the L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco should be housed with species of similar size and temperament to mitigate potential territorial disputes.