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Golden Balloon Ram

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Golden Balloon Ram


The Golden Balloon Ram, a stunning variation of the popular Ram cichlid, features a unique, balloon-like body shape and a radiant golden coloration. It's an excellent choice for those looking to add a splash of color and personality to their freshwater aquarium.


  • Eye-catching golden hue with unique balloon-shaped body
  • Relatively peaceful, making it suitable for community tanks
  • Enjoys exploring plant-heavy and decorated tanks
  • Responsive and interactive, showing distinct personalities

Care Instructions:

  • Tank Size: Minimum 20 gallons recommended
  • Water Parameters: pH 6.0-7.5, moderately soft to slightly hard
  • Temperature: 24-28°C (75-82°F)
  • Diet: Omnivorous; appreciates a varied diet including pellets, flakes, and live/frozen foods
  • Compatibility: Gets along with other peaceful fish of similar size