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Glass Catfish

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Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus)


Known for its stunning transparent body, the Glass Catfish is a mesmerizing addition to any freshwater aquarium. This unique transparency allows one to literally see through them, often revealing their bones and internal organs. Native to the slow-flowing rivers of Southeast Asia, this catfish brings an otherworldly charm to your tank.

Special Note:

We have meticulously quarantined our Glass Catfish for over 2 months. They are now highly stable in tap water. Each fish flaunts its complete original form, including fins and tail, and their transparent bodies are in excellent condition, making them a valuable choice for enthusiasts.


  • Completely transparent body offering a window into its anatomy
  • Peaceful nature suitable for community tanks
  • Able to detect electric fields due to modified pectoral fins

How to Keep:

Glass Catfish thrive best in tanks with moderate lighting to mimic their natural shady river habitat. Adding plants, caves, or driftwood can offer them hiding spots and reduce stress. They are best kept in schools of 5 or more, which makes them feel secure and exhibits their natural behavior. Their diet is omnivorous, consisting of small live foods, frozen foods, and good-quality catfish pellets.


  • Scientific Name: Kryptopterus vitreolus
  • Temperature: 22 - 28 °C
  • pH Level: 6.5 - 7.5
  • TDS: 100-200 ppm
  • GH: 8-12
  • KH: 6-10
  • Lifespan: 6-8 years
  • Size: Up to 10 cm (4 inches)
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Behavior: Peaceful; best kept in groups
  • Breeding: Difficult; egg scatterer


For insights or inquiries about the Glass Catfish or other aquatic species, we're available to help. Let us assist you in curating the perfect underwater world.