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Biozym Nitrifying Bacteria

by Biozym
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Size: N1 Bottle (500ml)
Biozym Nitrifying Bacteria
  • To reduce COD and BOD of the water.
  • Thoroughly degrade harmful substances such as ammonia, nitrite.
  • To decompose feces and feed residue, and purify water.
  • Quickly set up a healthy nitrification system.
  • To prevent the growth of harmful algae.
  • To inhibit the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and prevent diseases from occurring.
  • Long-term improvement of water quality. 

N1 Bottle: for daily usage, use for tank setup, or after a water change, bacteria in liquid form can take effect immediately

Capsules: used for tank set-up to put on the bottom of substrates, or dissolve it in water to improve water quality in long term. Higher density of bacteria but need 2-4 days to wake them up and take effects

303#: laboratory level product that has very concentrated super active bacteria. Used for emergency situation and improving water quality immediately then save the fish. Can also be used when cycling water and building up nitrifying system quickly.