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Benibachi Mineral Rock 1kg

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Size: 100g Crushed Powder (own package)
Mironecton is a mineral formation made up of different types of substrate that have collected over time at the deeper parts of our oceans.
Mironecton is used widely throughout japan specifically by their caridina breeders. 
the powdered form of this product is the exact same as their rock form. Only one was pulverized for more accurate dosing. 
Promotes healthy molting. Most critical time for breeding tanks, are before first molt. 
vital to be used for to increase survival rate of shrimplets!

Usage: 350-400grams of Mironecton powder to be combined with 16.2L of soil (Based off 90cm x 45cm x 45cm, 48Gallon )

chemical composition of mironecton:
-silicium dioxide 55%,
-aluminum oxide 13%,
-iron oxide 4.1%,
-calcium oxide 3.6%,
-magnesium oxide 1.6%,
-sulphur 1.1%

potassium 0.47%,
-titanium oxide 0.16%,
-phosphorus oxide 0.07%,
-cobalt oxide 0.06%,
-sodium oxide 0.05%,
-manganese oxide 0.04%